Hi everyone! My name is Hanna and welcome to my blog Hannatopia. I’m a Japanese studies student and I’ve started this blog as a way to document my year abroad in Japan, and to express myself creatively.

The title sounds a little bit ridiculous, right? Well, as most of my friends and family know, there is a story behind it. It started out as a joke in my first year of uni. For Japanese “essay-writing” class we had to describe a real or imagined place, village, city, etc. And so Hannatopia was born. Soon I started using this “place” to express my opinions and visions about the world, as in “If I were to become leader of the world, I’d call it Hannatopia and things would be so and so.” This has become a running joke with my friends and boyfriend. Not long after that they would answer me with sentences like “Yeah, sure, that’s only possible in Hannatopia.”

I had known for a long time that I would start a blog to document my travels in Japan, but I had trouble comming up with a catchy title. I joked that I would just call it Hannatopia, and guess what? Everybody thought this was a great idea! Because it has been a running joke for such a long time, it would actually make sense to use that. And that’s why I stuck to Hannatopia.

Welcome to my little place on the internet!

On this blog you may expect beautiful pictures of my travels (I’ll do my best) and (hopefully) amazing stories about the culture, food, new people I meet, and about my new experiences. I have a huge interest in fashion as well, so probably some fashion posts will pop up here and there.

I have studied Japanese and learned about the Japanese culture and history for three years now, and yet I’ve never been to this amazing country. I’m looking forward to this adventure.

So sit back, relax, and follow me allong on my new journey.


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