Hi everyone! It’s been a week since my arrival in Japan and thought it was about time to update you guys a little.

My first week here has been so packed! I have to attend orientation classes everyday to learn about how everything at the university works, and about life in Japan. These orientations give you the opportunity to meet fellow exchange students and Japanese students at the university.

I have been to Ikebukuro tons of times now and I love it! There are a lot of shops there that I’ve discovered that are great to buy some necessities for my dorm, such as cooking utilities and just stuff I (may or may not) need.

The food here is amazing as well! I’ve always loved Japanese food, but I haven’t realised until now that I’ve actually never had “real” Japanese food! And finding a nice place to eat is also part of the adventure. You never know what you might encounter just by going down a few flights of stairs under a store or somewhere around a corner or in a very tiny street. The restaurants may be small sometimes but the food never disappoints!

This weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday in the most epic way. Friday night, a couple of friends and I were unexpectedly invited to go to a welcome party for international students in Roppongi. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of this, but I can tell you it was a lot of fun! At midnight we counted down till my birthday like it was New Year’s Eve.

The next day we went to Shinjuku to explore and have a birthday dinner.


The original plan was to eat in Omoide Yokocho, which litterally means “Memory Lane”. It’s a small alley where you have all these tiny izakaya’s (a kind of tavern/pub).



Since these are very small, there was no room for the six of us to sit so we ended up going to a restaurant in a skyscraper at the exit of Omoide Yokocho. The food was great, but as expected, it was pretty expensive.


After this we ended the night with some karaoke (which is just the best thing ever).


I had a really great time and I want to thank everyone again for the lovely birthday wishes and gifts! And let’s just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of these cookies! They are delicious too by the way!


I hope everybody had a great weekend! And talk to you soon!



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