Hi everyone!

This week started off pretty ordinary. We had some orientation courses at uni, had some lunch (oh so delicious lunch) and coffee with friends.

Friday, me and my friends decided we wanted to go climb Mount Fuji on Saturday. So Friday we met for lunch to do some planning. Eventually we decided not to go because the climbing season had just ended and we also didn’t have the right gear for such a journey (yet). After lunch one of my friends asked us if we wanted to join her to go to the Tokyo Art Book Fair. I hadn’t heard about this before and felt intrigued and so I joined her.


This is an anual event where publishers, artists and bookstores come to present and sell their work. I really loved it!




The event took place in a big building with two floors of stands and exhibitions.



Everybody was so nice as well! As you sniff through the books, you often get offered free stuff. This “stuff” could be a sticker, a poster or a whole magazine. I ended up buying a patch saying “I need my space” with some planets and stars sewn on it. I thought it was really cute and funny and hung it above my bed. I also bought a magazine from the publisher Einstein Studio. The title of the magazine is TOKYO/JAPAN and is a photobook of pictures taken during a certain month in Tokyo (I bought the July edition) by more than fifty photographers. The pictures are truly beautiful and inspiring. I will certainly hang some of those pictures up in my dorm room.


The next day, because we had canceled our Fuji plans (and nope, that’s one thing I am definitely not doing alone), I just really wanted to do something. Anything. I was scrolling on my Instagram and saw a few pictures of the Shibuya crossing pass by and thought, “This is one of the most famous places in Japan, and so close by, and I still haven’t seen it yet…”

I immediatly texted a friend and in the afternoon we took the train to Shibuya.

I have to admit, this is indeed one of the more touristy places in Tokyo, but it didn’t make me love it any less. Shibuya is just shopping heaven!


First thing we did was, of course, take pictures of the Hachiko statue at the front of the station. I was so happy to finally see this statue with my own eyes! I know the story behind it and had seen the Richard Gere movie, but now I finally saw this world famous statue! I must say, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but still, I was not disappointed. Also, there was the cutest little cat sleeping at Hachiko’s feet.


After this we crossed THE Shibuya Crossing (haha).



We went to the mall Shibuya 109 where we did some shopping. We bought cute winter sweaters (even though it was 30°C outside…).



After a few hours of shopping fun, we wanted to end a fulfilling day by going to a winebar. We found the cutest place called Haru. This was a tiny, hidden bar on the second floor of a building. There we drank delicious Chardonnay and had some tasty pizza. It was a quiet and cozy bar and I will definetly be going back there! We also met the nicest British girl, who gave us tons of tips on living in Japan. We talked a lot while we drank the wine, a perfect end to a perfect day.



While we were at the bar some friends texted us that there was a party somewhere in Shibuya they were all planning to go to. Because we weren’t tired at all and actually really felt like going out, we decided to stay in Shibuya and wait till the party started. Long story short, we ended up going to a different club with different friends. We went to a club called Tokyo Atom. We had to wait in line till the bouncer let us in, put our shopping stuff in a locker and went up the elevator to pay the entry fee. Because we were girls (and I’ve already noticed this about clubs in Tokyo) we had to pay less than guys (girls: 1000 yen, guys: 1500 yen) aaaaand we got two tickets for a free drink and ice cream. How cool is that!



We ended up dancing all night. The music was great and the club had two floors. So if you got tired of the music on the first floor, you just go to the second floor, and back. We stayed till closing time and took the first train back to Ikebukuro.

It certainly was a night to remember. And remember, always thank positive!



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