Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to apologise for the lack of blogposts (my last one was almost a month ago!!!). Classes have started at uni and I’ve immediately had a ton of homework to do. This ranges from doing Japanese grammar exercises to writing reports (so many reports). I’ve also been shopping for school stuff like folders and notebooks (MUJI is life).

Anyway! I did have the opportunity to go see a beautiful festival in Ikebukuro. It’s called the Yosakoi Festival. Yosakoi is a kind of traditional Japanese dance that is danced at festivals all over Japan.


We actually didn’t plan to go see this festival. We didn’t even know there was a festival that day. On a peaceful Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to do all my housework that day, like the laundry and cleaning. On my way to the laundy room I met some friends that were going to Sunshine City to do some shopping and asked me to come with. Since I was wearing sweatpants, my hair in a crazy bun and wearing no makeup, I told them that they would have to wait at least fifteen minutes. Another girl in the group said she would stay behind with me and that we’ll meet them later.

So an hour later we arrived at Ikebukuro and saw that there was a festival. We immediately decided to stay and watch the festival and not go shopping. Best decision ever! We found a great spot to watch te parade and watched till the last performance.




I loved every little bit of it! The music, the dance, the costumes. It was traditional with a modern twist. So much fun to watch! Especially when you start to recognize music from the Studio Ghibli films!





After the parade we moved on to the stage nearby and saw some traditional dancing on beautiful music. We watched all of this as well. At a certain point they even invited me and my friend to dance in the festival. I must say it was pretty epic!



This really was an amazing day! Here you can watch a few clips I recorded at the festival!


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