Hi guys!

So… It’s been a while since I have updated you on my Tokyo adventures. Don’t worry. I haven’t been sitting still. I was just lacking the time to properly write everything down. Meanwhile I’ve figured out new ways to manage my time more productively. So I hope it won’t be another month until the next post (sorry about that).

As I’ve said, I have not been sitting still in my room doing nothing.

Last weekend I’ve been to Mount Takao!



My friends and I are part of this club in uni where Japanese and exchange students come together to hang out and do activities together. Last weekend they planned a camping trip. I decided not to go because I thought it was a bit expensive. In the end I regretted my decision because, thanks to a wonderful thing called social media, I received a ton of snaps and pictures from my friends having a lot of fun at the camp and pictures of the view and everything. I felt really bad about it, so I didn’t want to sit in my room doing homework, or just go to the city for coffee. I wanted to explore. So I looked up daily events on a website called Timeout. You just type in the date and city and BAM! A whole list of all kinds of events and possible activities appears.

I sent a few links of events I liked to friends who stayed at the dorm like I did. They were not interested… They just wanted to relax, but I don’t blame them. It was a stressful week (midterms-wise). So I manned up and decided to pick one myself and go ALONE. Yes… this is my first trip EVER where I go somewhere, like, alone alone…

I picked Mt. Takao, and let me tell you, it was breathtakingly beautiful!


One of the struggles of travelling alone, is that you have nobody to rely on. Therefore, you have to find the way completely yourself, and if you’re wrong… Well that’s just too bad for you, isn’t it… well… I got off at the wrong station (there is a Takao station and a Takaosanguchi-Takao mountain exit station… So be careful).



But I made the best of it! I just walked to the mountain from that point and was able to see other parts of Takao that most people will never see. I walked in streets with cute little houses. I went to a local matsuri (festival). And most importantly: I enjoyed nature! Takao is surrounded by mountains and greenery. All the leaves were turning red and yellow and it was absolutely beautiful! It’s funny that when you live in a city, you just don’t realise how much you miss nature.





I eventually got to the mountain after a long walk and even though I was already tired, I refused to take the lift to the top. So I hiked. You can almost call it climbing, because the roads were very steep.



The view OMG! It was gorgeous!!! As far as you could look, you could only see trees and mountains. And all the leaves were red. I went on the day of the Takaosan matsuri, which is a day when they celebrate the changing colours of the leaves. They sold a ton of yummy food along the way while you were hiking all the way to the top.







One of the perks of being alone was that it enabled me to enjoy everything at my own pace. I could stare at the view as long as I wanted. I could stop at random places and take pictures without holding up the group. I had lovely conversations with locals. I met a guy walking his bunny…


I would definitely recommend everyone to go on a trip on your own at least once! This doesn’t mean that I won’t be travelling with my friends anymore! I love that as well! It’s amazing to be able to share your discoveries with another person. But just once in a while, being able to enjoy everything at your own pace, is just as relaxing.



I hope you guys enjoyed my photos and talk to you soon!


P.S. When hiking, beware of flying squirrels.




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