Hi guys!

Finals are over! What a relief! I had so many reports due… never experienced this before. In my home uni, I’d have a month of only exams and a week or two to prepare. But here in Japan, I still had classes AND exams at the same time. So weird. And stressful.

ANYWAY, it’s over now, and Spring Break can start! Woohoow!

I’ve decided that during my first week of break, I want to do absolutely nothing! Nothing stressful, that is. I work out every day, eat healthy, take tons of long baths, read books, go shopping, watch movies. Just taking care of my body and soul. It’s kind of a recovery from the amount of stress and sleepless nights I endured.

So I went shopping, not only for clothes, but also for some skincare products. I love to wind down at night a long LUSH bath and put on a face mask. These are the product I bought and I absolutely love them.



First product I want to talk about is the LuLuLun Cream Mask. One of my best friends Hana introduced this to me. I don’t really use it as a mask but rather as a night cream. Every two nights after moisturizing my face with my daily skincare products, I put this cream on. It feels like a gel and glides on really smoothly. The morning after I’ve used it, my skin feels so soft, my blemishes have become less visible and my skin is literally glowing! I love this so much. Definitely buying this in bulk before I leave Japan. I don’t use it every night because I don’t want my skin to get used to it and when I’d stop using it, it would break out again. So I use it every two or three nights. That way my skin stays “shocked” and super moisturized.


The next product is this LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. I know that LUSH isn’t Japanese, but they do love it. Every crowded place here has at least one LUSH. This is a blueberry based mask. This nourishes, cleanses and calms the skin. After I use this the redness in my face is definitely reduced and it just feels amazing. When applying it, it feels like a kind of clay and chalky. But it does leave my skin feeling like a baby.


The final face mask I bought is another LuLuLun face mask. I actually got my first pack from my good friend Sarah. I loved them so much I repurchased them. These sheet masks have won awards a few years in a row. I use this once every week. This nourishes your skin to a new extent. When pealing this off my face (that feeling when pealing a mask of though, amazing) I fold the mask up and massage the remaining product into my skin. So relaxing!


Now bath products! First I have this bath salt from MUJI. MUJI is a Japanese brand that just sells everything! From home goods to clothes, to food, to skincare… Everything! And I’d even dare to say that, up till now, this is my favourite store in Japan. Their products are just so minimalistic and aesthetically beautiful. I could spend hours in one MUJI shop. Anyway, one of the products I bought there (apart from snacks, stationary, home goods, etc.) are these bath salts. I also had a pretty pink one called Rose, but I already used all of it. Oops! Whenever I take a bath, I just put a tiny amount of this in there. It has a light perfume and feels like having a milk bath, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.


Now we already know I went to LUSH, you didn’t think I’d go in there without buying at least one bath bomb, did ya’? This is technically not a bath bomb but a Bubble Bar. To use it you break off a piece and just crumble it under the running water. This one is called Unicorn Horn. It makes your bath all bubbly and pink and it contains lavender, so it totally relaxes you. And when you get out of the bath, you don’t only smell great but your body is also sparkly. LOVE IT! I think this could be my all time favourite LUSH product. It smells so good. Too bad it’s a limited-edition product part of the Valentine’s Day range.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little pamper-night products haul! Talk to you soon!


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