Hi guys!

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend. I’m currently in bed with a very bad cold. The weather in Japan changes all the time, which tends to make me a little sick.

So, to cheer myself up I’ve decided to write a very short and cute post. Today, in the group chat of my dorm, somebody posted about going to a cat café in the afternoon (those are VERY popular in Japan). I’ve never been but I’m in absolutely no state of leaving my room, so I’ve decided to let the cats come to me.

During my travels in Okinawa there was one very noticeable thing. There were cats EVERYWHERE. I would call myself more of a dog-person, but even I swooned for their cuteness.

I also have to mention that I’ve shamelessly stolen a pun from dear friend for the title of this article. Some of you may already know this, but when you imitate cat sounds in Japanese, you don’t say meow but nya. Hence the nya in Oki-nya-wa. Thank you, Heather. It still makes me smile.

Here are a few pics of the adorable creatures I’ve encountered on my trip.











Talk to you guys soon!


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