Hello hello,

While I was watching YouTube one day, I saw a few vloggers talking about this app called One Second Everyday. This intrigued me so I downloaded it before I left for Japan last year. I did fall off the wagon a few times and forgot to record something, so instead I added a picture for that day. All the video’s and pictures are on the correct date, and doing so I’m able to show you a year in my life in just a little more than 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy.

I really enjoyed doing this and would recommend anyone to do this who is planning an adventure abroad!

Much love,



  1. Hi! Ik neem eindelijk de tijd je blog te lezen, wou het al eerder doen maar ben er nooit toe gekomen… ziet ernaar uit dat je van Japan genoten hebt! Wel spijtig (?) dat het juist Wakame is die op het filmpje kwam 苦笑 


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