🍂🍁Hi guys! And happy first day of fall!🍁🍂

For some of you, this may be the worst part of the year, as we’re saying our goodbyes to summer and its heat. I too love summer, but I’m more about the coziness of fall! I LOVE fall. I love the slight cooling down of the temperature so we can cozy up with blankets, wear layers, sweaters, light candles, eat warm home cooked meals,… all the good stuff! As I saw the leaves here in Belgium turn slightly more yellow every day, I had to think back to fall in Japan, where the changing of the seasons is actually celebrated. There is even a word for the colour of the foliage: 紅葉 kōyō.

Below I’d like to share a few snapshots I took during fall time in Japan, as I believe this is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be in the country. I dare even say that its beauty is on the same level of the hanami (spring-cherry blossoms) season. I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures and completely get in the fall mood with me!


The first thing I did during fall time was climb Mt. Takao during its Fall Festival.

Foto 21-11-16 06 28 58

Foto 21-11-16 08 41 44

Foto 21-11-16 09 19 07

Foto 21-11-16 08 44 14

Foto 21-11-16 06 37 20

Foto 21-11-16 06 14 13

As I was very happy about the sweater weather, I had to post a fall #ootd on my Instagram.

Foto 16-11-16 10 38 01
I’m wearing a Pull&Bear faux leather jacket (similar one here), a Zara scarf (similar one here), Vero Moda black jeans (similar one here), a Matt&Nat faux leather backpack, and a sweater and booties from a Japanese boutique of which I don’t remember the name.

Foto 21-11-16 13 10 40

And of course my school, Rikkyo University was looking gorgeous as well.

Foto 18-11-16 12 13 22

Foto 17-11-16 10 42 02

Foto 16-11-16 14 31 11

Foto 17-11-16 10 41 48

I wish I could go back to Japan this year, just to witness the beautiful foliage again. Alas, it’ll have to wait. Just writing this post made me feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside (could also be because I’m drinking hot camomile tea, but let’s blame it on the post).

What’s your favourite thing about fall? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,




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