Hi guys!!! How u doin’?

Happy first day of December! ✨

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It’s been a while, but lets just say that school got very tough. But after a long talk with a good friend, it occurred to me that I don’t want to give up my hobbies because of school work. I just need to prioritise certain things in life. That’s why I’ve decided to take part in Blogmas! Yes, this is the blogger variation of vlogmas… but hey, it’s better than waiting for a blogpost once every three months.

Uni has kind of blocked me in a creative way. Yes, I’ve learned a lot: Japanese, about Japan, the world, myself, which is awesome! But I used to be that kid that would stay up late at night in her room in the dark with only my desk light on and draw! I LOVED to draw (and I still do). But since the start of uni, I kind of had to give that up because of all the work. I also just lost my inspiration. The same goes for acting. My whole life, I’ve always acted in plays and took acting classes. This was another thing I had to give up, because acting is basically learning a looooot of lines by heart, and my huge syllabuses didn’t allow any more knowledge in.

But now, I love to write. I was very excited about starting this blog last year, because I knew I would love the process of it. But again, school got in the way so often and it bugged me. I love what I study and the assignments are more enjoyable than they used to be. However, if I get consumed by it, there is no way for me to be creative anymore.

In comes Blogmas! This allows me to push myself to be creative everyday. Instead of coming home and binging YouTube and Netflix (which is fun too, of course), I will make myself some tea, put on my favourite pyjama’s, light a candle and write a little. Even if it’s just a small paragraph about my day. Writing has always relaxed me, so this is supposed to be the perfect break from my assignments, right?

In stead of posting every day, I will post every two days, like a twelve day advent calendar! Even though I want to put more time into my hobbies, school cannot be pushed aside.

Prepare yourselves for content about my life as a student, travels, food, Japan (gotta stick to the original theme of my blog), and Christmas of course!

I hope you guys are looking forward to this as much as I am!




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