Blogmas day 3: My Favourite Winter Coat

Have any of you owned a coat for more than two years and still love it as much as the day you bought it? Well, I do!

I bought this coat on a whim in Zara the year before I left for Japan. At the moment, I was obsessed with the cape-look. Unfortunately I could never find a nice cape within my price range or that suited me well. Until I found this one! Technically, this is not a cape. But the shape really reminds me of one. It’s basically a very loose grey mantel coat, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I saw this from outside, walking past Zara, and I rushed in, tried on different colours and ended up picking the grey one. Grey goes with pretty much every thing I own, which is mostly black, white, grey, and a little pop of colour here and there.


In my opinion, this is a model that will never go out of style. You can revamp this coat any way you want by adding a broche, changing up your scarf or other accessories.

Finding a timeless coat like this is a must for students on a budget. No need to buy the cheapest option that will wear off before the season is over. Invest in one, beautiful, timeless piece and just rock it year after year! I still get compliments (even when I was in Japan) on this coat, even though I’ve owned for such a long time. This shows that such a piece is timeless and goes everywhere.


To quote one of my favourite influencers: “Act confident and no one will judge you.” – Sarah Stevenson




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