Belgian kids are very lucky in December, because they get double the presents. Why? Because on the 6th of December, Sinterklaas comes to your home and gives you chocolate and presents! He’s kind of the equivalent of Santa Claus in the United States. And on Christmas, Belgian kids usually get presents from other family members.

The process goes as follows: On the night of the 5th, kids put a shoe at the entrance of their house, they place a beverage for Sinterklaas and a few carrots for his horse next to the shoes. The next day, the kids wake up to shoes being filled with sweets and a room filled with presents.

A typical Belgian treat that kids usually receive on the 6th is speculoos. And I LOVE speculoos. On the 5th I received some speculoos cookies from a good friend of mine and I decided to treat myself on the 6th and make myself feel like a child again (amongst these crazy study times filled with dissertations and readings).

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This is chocolate banana nice cream topped with crumbled speculoos, which I think is the BEST breakfast that one can have on such a magical day.


❈ 2 frozen bananas

❈ 2 pieces of dark chocolate

❈ 2 teaspoons of vanilla pea protein powder

❈ 1 tablespoon of almond butter

❈ nuts and seeds of your choice



Mix the frozen bananas, chocolate, protein powder and almond butter together in a blender. Then add the toppings to your liking. I added redcurrant, shredded almonds and of course some crumbled up speculoos and chocolate. When you mix up your bowl, you get this delicious speculoos crunch in every bite.

And there you have it! Some amazing healthy-ish ice cream for breakfast! This is also perfect to have after a workout because of the protein powder and the almond butter (more protein).

I hope everyone had an amazing day and ate lots of chocolate and speculoos!

If you decide to give this recipe a try, please let me know in the comments or share your creations with me on Instagram.

Lots of love


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