Oh man… I’ve been slacking with Blogmas already. But you guys are in for a treat, because I will be posting in consecutive days to catch up on the 3 days that I’ve missed!

But now on to the good stuff: Christmas is in 8 days! So I’d like to talk about my Christmas experience in Japan.

Studying abroad can be fun and all, but it becomes mentally very hard around the holidays. ESPECIALLY on Christmas! When I was in Japan last year, I knew this was going to be a difficult time for me, but I wouldn’t let it! Most of my friends there were in the same position as me, and everyone would be feeling down. So, I decided to decorate my dorm very christmassy (on a budget, don’t expect serious stuff) and organised a wine and cheese night on Christmas Eve.



Christmas is a time of being cosy at home and eating delicious home-cooked meals with family. That’s why I chose to go for a wine and cheese night. Cheese is rarely eaten in Japan (unless it’s the cheap square slices you use to melt on toast – ew), or it’s SUPER expensive. The parmesan cheese that I usually ate in Belgium was about 1500 JPY (about 12 euros), which is INSANE when it usually costs like 2 to 3 euros here. And since we were all from countries in which cheese is a staple food, we really missed it. We (me and the eight friends I invited over) all pitched in 2000 JPY (about 15 euros) and me and my boyfriend went to the stores and shopped for the good stuff. Wine was the ultimate choice for drinks because… well… wine and cheese. With that, we also had some grapes and apples (which are also crazy expensive in Japan).


We had an amazing night together, and for a second we all felt like family and we forgot about what we were missing at home. I must say, I was a proud hostess.



We even skyped with our families at home!


The moral of this story is that, even though you are so far away from family, you can still enjoy yourself. It’s only for one year/semester, so there’s no point in feeling sad or guilty.


That night is definitely one of my favourite memories abroad. Even though I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family this year, I’m definitely going to miss this bunch.

How are your holiday plans going? Please let me know in the comments!



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