It’s Christmas in two days! Aaaaah! So exciting! Our Christmas tree is set up and pretty, all the food is ready in the fridge to prepare an amazingly festive Christmas Eve dinner party!

Since I’m kind of Christmas obsessed, I was reading some Christmas related articles of other bloggers. I love seeing their Christmas sweaters, home decor, gift ideas and all that jazz. But I’ve noticed that it’s a very popular trend to write a blogpost about your best nine Instagram posts of the year (i.e. the ones who got the most likes and comments). The idea is to tell an anecdote about every picture. I loved reading other’s peoples take on this. Because lately, I’ve become a very sentimental person and often going through the pictures on my phone, and more often than not reminiscing my time in Japan, I thought it might be nice to try this out, as I assumed that in my Best Nine there might still be a few Japan related photo’s.

Behold! My Instagram Best Nine of 2017!



Twenty going on twenty-two


This picture was taken by my brother on my twentieth birthday. I was very proud that day of how I did my hair and makeup. In Japan I decided to cut my hair short and donate it to charity. I guess I posted this because sometimes I really did miss my long curls (even though short hair was so much easier to maintain!).

Catching Pokémon in Shinjuku


I think this is one of my favourite pictures ever taken of me. Why? Because it screams “JAPAN!” The Pokémon benches and the jidōhanbaiki (vending machines) in back make me feel very nostalgic. My boyfriend, Dion, took this picture of me in Shinjuku the first time he came to Japan. This was actually taken on the first day he was there. I was so happy seeing him again after four months.

Byebye Japan, but not farewell

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 23.07.08

I posted this picture legit five minutes before I before I boarded my flight to go back to Belgium. Why did I decide to post this one? Because in the back you can see the beautiful Rikkyo University that was basically my home for a whole year. I loved this university and its gorgeous campus. Even though the classes and the work load got hard sometimes, I’m really grateful that I was able to a student here.


Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 23.55.19

This picture was actually taken by my boyfriend during his first visit to Japan. He was so kind to let me post it on my Instagram because I really loved everything about this picture! The signs, the beer, the people, the leaves. This is a street in Shinjuku filled with tiny izakaya (tavern/pub).

Bath bomb obsession


I loved Lush before I went to Japan, and I still loved Lush when I was in Japan. On my way home from uni, in the station I always had to walk by a Lush stand. It’s no surprise that I often impromptu decided to #treatmyself with a nice bath bomb or bubble bar. This unicorn one was one of my favourites. Not only because it’s super pretty, but it also smelled divine.

Let it snow

A few weeks ago, it started to snow unexpectedly in Belgium. So I took advantage of the occasion and pushed my brother outside for a little photoshoot. I love this picture, because I look so genuinely happy while I’m actually freezing. Belgium really turned into a beautiful winter wonderland.

My new fluffy scarf

It’s safe to say that I’ve been living in this scarf for the last two winters. This isn’t an item I would usually go for while shopping for myself. But when Dion came to Japan the first time, he was so cold and didn’t have a scarf, so I gave him my old Zara scarf and he bought me this one. He can keep my previous scarf forever because I’m absolutely in love with this one.

All smiles

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

From freezing cold to melting hot. Dion took this picture of me when he visited me for the second time. The Japanese summers get crazy hot and humid, so I was extremely happy when I bought this super light-weight Uniqlo dress. Luckily the dress was pretty long because 1) I was still very badly sunburnt from my trip to Okinawa and 2) It prevented mosquitos from getting to my legs. Even though I was smiling on this picture, believe me when I tell you that I was dying inside because of the crazy heat.

Korean sunnies

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 23.07.48

This selfie was taken in Korea right after I had bought these sunglasses. Korea has the BEST markets! And what makes it even more fun is that it’s allowed to bargain. I had never done that before and wasn’t really sure if I really dared to ask for a lower price. But I was really in my element and was able to get these beautiful obnoxiously large sunglasses for half off!

There you have it! My Best Nine of 2017! I hope you all enjoyed these little anecdotes. Does anyone else get super nostalgic during the holidays? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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