As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, I went to London last month. I absolutely LOVE London! The city, the vibe, the architecture. The aesthetic of this city really speaks to me. And of course, it looks absolutely gorgeous with all its Christmas decorations.

One of the reasons I used to love to go to London before was the food! I’m a huge foodie, and London has so many amazing cuisines to offer. But because this is the first trip I would make since I became a vegetarian a few months ago, I thought I would have to limit myself constantly.

Boy! Was I wrong!

Pretty much every restaurant we went to had vegetarian or vegan options. It was absolute heaven for me. No restrictions needed.

Enjoy my veggie foodie guide to London below!


For breakfast, I thought that we would just go to Starbucks every day, as this is what I usually do on trips. But we found the Le Pain Quotidien is actually HUGE in London, so we ended up going here pretty much every morning. We have a few of those in Belgium, but not nearly as many as I had found in the UK. My favourites were the quinoa porridge bowl and the coconut yoghurt granola. For breakfast I always try to keep it plant-based, which is why you’ll never see me eat or drink dairy products (also because my skin just can’t handle it). The last day I also tried out the (vegan) blueberry muffin and it was divine! As my preferred morning drink, I always go for a soy cappuccino.




During lunchtime I was actually the most surprised at how many vegan and vegetarian options there were. We often went to the Pret A Manger for a quick and cheap lunch. But to be honest, they had amazing vegan wraps. The one you can see in the picture is avocado and chilli.

I went to London with a friend who had never been in the UK before, which is why she absolutely wanted to try fish and chips. I gladly went along with her on her journey to find this traditional local dish, but I thought that I would be eating a salad or something like that for lunch, because I just assumed pubs wouldn’t have veggie options. But I was wrong again! Near the Natural History Museum, we found this cozy pub that actually served vegetarian fish ‘n chips! It was actually just cheese, but I love cheese so this wasn’t a problem for me. The texture of the cheese actually reminded me of real fish!



Another great place we found was Deliciously Ella. The founder of this chain is a famous food blogger and Instagrammer as well. I followed her insta for a few years now and have (attempted to) recreate a few of her recipes (I also posted about the brownies I made inspired by her recipe here). I went for the sweet potato patties and eggplant combo!



Just give me a minute to rave about these pizza’s! We had dinner at Franco Manca only once, but I still dream about their Italian dishes! The borders were very soft and crispy at the same time and the pizza was super thin like the actual Italian ones! As a starter, we went for the mozzarella garlic bread (which turned out to be a garlic bread pizza) and for my main dish I opted for the marinara (no cheese).



My second favourite dinner place in London was Dishoom. This was actually recommended to me by a fellow blogger at Rakbo (@charlotte_pickles). This restaurant had amazing Indian cuisine and a great vegetarian and vegan menu! I went for a black bean curry and garlic nan. While we were waiting for a seat (this is a VERY popular restaurant), we were brought to a bar downstairs where I had a virgin Martini (that looked pretty real to me).


There you have it! My vegan/vegetarian guide for London. I know this wasn’t really in the Christmas/Blogmas vibe, but we all need good meals to stay warm and fill our bellies during these cold days, right?

Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places or if there are places that I definitely need to try out next time I go to London!

Lots of love from a major foodie,


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