Blog relaunch!

Hi guys!

If you’re in college or any other kind of school, I hope your exams went really well! If there are still some of you out there who are suffering through this awful period: good luck! My exams just finished and I’m so relieved. It’s crazy how during a period when my creativity gets so restricted and all I have to do is learn enormous amounts of subjects by heart, my creativity reaches new heights. At night, when I’m done studying and try to relax by cooking or reading a good fiction novel, new creative idea’s just kept on popping into my head.


That’s why, now that my exams are over, I decided to do a blog relaunch! I was suffering from a bit of a writer’s block and because of busy, dark, wintery times, I didn’t feel creative at all. In this relaunch, I updated the design of my blog I would like to broaden the topics I talk about. I’m absolutely in love with this new design, as I went for a more stylish/minimalistic look, but I still included a subtle pop of colour. During my attempt at Blogmas, you’ll have noticed that I also wrote about non-Japan and non-travel related topics. These topics like fashion and a healthy lifestyle are topics I’m very passionate about and I would like to explore these more in depth. After all, this is Hannatopia, my own little place on the internet where I can do whatever I want haha.

Topics that I will probably address in the future will still mainly be focused on my life in Japan and my travels, but I will also explore the fashion world, health and fitness, and book reviews. Now that I have a little more time on my hands and my major in Japan was literature after all, I would like to talk about some amazing (albeit not all Japanese) books I’ve read and why I would or wouldn’t recommend them.

This new version of my blog will show a more creative and daring side of me. I hope you’ll enjoy it. If any of you have any tips or recommendations for anything, please let me know in the comments!

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