My fellow Belgian students know the struggle: January doesn’t stand for hip New Year’s resolutions and #fitspo. There are no crazy NYE parties or awful hangovers. Nope. January is all about exams. We usually do anything to make this dreadful study-filled period more comfortable. That’s why this month, everything was about making life easier and more comfortable.


New Japanese Planner



One of the best parts of the new year? Getting to break out a fresh and new planner (I know I’m probably just a geek who gets excited over new stationary). For New Year’s, one of my best friends came to visit me from Japan, and one of the things I asked him to bring me – other than my all time favourite moisturiser – was a new planner. I LOVE Japanese planners. They’re cute and very compact. I love having journals with a calendar-ish overview. This gives me a perfect sense of what’s gonna happen during the month. At the end of the journal there’s usually room for notes, if you need to write a plan out more elaborately.



I got three new cookbooks for Christmas! I absolutely love cooking, so getting to try out new recipes is my idea of relaxation and fun. The first one, I got from my boyfriend’s dad. Its recipes only involves veggie combos.  The second one, I received from my aunt, and it contained a lot of different kinds of meals from breakfast to dinner (also a lot of meat dishes that I won’t be making, of course). The third one was a little present from me to myself: Eat Smart by Niomi Smart.


I was so excited when this arrived in the mail, as I’ve been a fan of Niomi since day one. I’ve tested out a lot of her recipes that she had already shared on her YouTube channel, and I loved every single one. That’s why it only made common sense for me to actually get her book. Can’t wait to try these recipes out!


Cookies and Waffles


We all need some comfort food during the exams, and mine were cookies and waffles. Sorry, no recipe here. The cookies were actually a gift from an American friend from my time in Japan. For Christmas last year, he brought over these amazing cookies his mother made, and well… they didn’t last long. This year he surprised me and my friends by sending over his mother’s homemade cookies all the way from the USA!!! This was by far the best package I’ve ever received in the mail!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Second favourite comfort food were waffles! Even though we Belgians are known for our waffles… I don’t eat them that often. But when I do, I enjoy them to the fullest! During this month I got to play a tour guide around Brussels for a few visiting friends, and of course we made a stop at one of the many waffle stands. My favourite one is just a plain waffle with sugar or honey! It’s so good!

Piccadilly Blend


I’m not a big tea drinker (coffee all the way!). But I’ve noticed that if I drink coffee in the afternoon, combined with exam stress, I can’t fall asleep. That’s why for my afternoon drink of choice, I’ve switched to tea. My all time favourites are mint and camomile, however, this new discovery sure is up there with those two. It’s called Piccadilly Blend. I bought these tea leaves during my last trip in London in one of their most famous tea shops ever: Whittard. In their shop, they had several kinds of tea to try out, and I fell in love with the Piccadilly Blend. This black tea is very fresh and a little fruity, and the name  just screams “London,” which I love.

What did you guys do to get through this during the stressful exam period?

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