Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So yesterday, me and one of my best gals went out on an impromptu trip to Brussels. The weather was so lovely, and I couldn’t be bothered sitting at home and working on my thesis (that procrastination life). Luckily she’s into taking photo’s as much as I am and we had a fun little photoshoot! Without even realising it, this turned into a Galentine’s date. ♡ Both our outfits are perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. These clothes keep you warm during these cold February days, however they’re also a little flirty with the hints of pink and (in my case) the over-the-knee boots.



HANNA // Zara coat (similar one here) // & Other Stories sweater (similar one here) // Moussy jeans // Pedro Miralles boots



SARA // United Colors of Benetton coat // Vans shoes // I love the pink lining in Sara’s coat. It’s perfect to add a little playfulness in a smart-casual outfit.


We had our girls date at Or Coffee Bar in Brussels, where we had delicious matcha latte’s and a vegan and gluten free fruit pie. The pie was absolutely amazing. I’m definitely coming back here.

Tonight, I’m having a very romantic date with Dion in our all time favourite restaurant New Mexico. This restaurant is very cute and romantic, and our go-to place for date nights. I’m getting ready as I’m rereading the draft of this post.

I hope you all have an amazing day, whether you are spending it with your soulmate, with your best gals, or even binging Netflix while indulging on chocolates (which sounds pretty good to me as well).

Lots of love ♡

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