Finding Inspiration


During winter time, one can get in a rut quite easily. Our creative minds get blocked by the grey weather and our styles get covered up by huge coats and scarves. I recently read a blogpost by one of my faves nycbambi all about finding inspiration again. I absolutely love her style and this article helped me a lot to get the creative juices flowing again.

1. Pinterest

I’ve had a Pinterest account for many years now, but I never really got what it was about. I pinned a lot of recipes that seemed delicious but too much effort to recreate and expensive shoes I desired but would never buy. Now I look at this site in a completely different way. I use the boards to get actual inspiration from for beautiful food photo’s or fashion shoots. I focus more on the visual, rather than on making a wish list. Now, whenever I need new ideas for photo’s, a blogpost or a shopping spree, I just look there. This definitely helps when going shopping. I tend to let myself get carried away by trends. But when looking at the boards, I find it much easier to stay true to my style.

2. Read

I find reading so important, as it enriches the mind and the soul. Whether you are reading the new Dan Brown novel, a fashion magazine or a scientific book, you can get inspiration from anywhere.

I’m currently reading Origin and I’m absolutely hooked. The story is set in Bilboa and Barcelona and the novel transports me to these places as I’m reading. It makes me dream about vacations in Barcelona and what I could see and do there, and which places would be amazing to photograph.

Magazines are great sources for fashion inspiration. When reading about the latest trends, I can already imagine which ones I would be brave enough to pull off, and which ones I wouldn’t even dream of endeavouring. Concretely, fashion magazines tend to have the same function for me as Pinterest. However, I’m still a big fan of actually holding a book and feeling the paper in comparison to scrolling all day long. That’s why I still often invest in these magazines, even though these tend to be quite expensive sometimes.

What do I mean by scientific books? Lately, I’ve been very interested in nutrition and everything to do with physical and mental health. This is why I don’t only read a lot of articles and watch documentaries about these topics, but I also read books about it. And how does this help my inspiration, you may ask? Well, by reading all these facts about food, it helps me be more creative in the kitchen, as I’m constantly looking to make a healthy, yet delicious meal.

3. Travel

Foto 23-03-17 16 06 13

When I read this in Christie’s post, I immediately nodded my head in agreement. I love travelling. Travelling is basically the reason why I started to write a blog. Discovering new places ultimately provides new inspiration on so many levels. The architecture is completely different everywhere you go, as well as people’s styles. All these beautiful places to photograph and new cultures to engulf oneself in, definitely aid the writers’ block. Even though I love travelling to far and new places, sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own country as well. A few weeks ago, I showed some visiting friends around the capitol city of Belgium, Brussels. I never tend to go to Brussels, unless I’m going shopping. However, seeing this city from tourists’ eyes really changed my view on it. I never quite stopped and looked at the architecture or indulged in overpriced waffles. It was like I was the tourist and my friends were actually showing me around. Now, I absolutely love Brussels and I’m always excited to go back.

Thank you so much Christie for writing this insightful post. It truly helped me. Inspiration takes time to unfold, but once you have it, it’s the best feeling.

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