What better day to relaunch my blog than on my birthday!

Hi guys! Long-time-no-see.

So here’s the big news: I’m moving to Japan again! And I’m more excited than ever.

This past school year was my last school year as a Japanese Studies student. Some of my friends had already landed a job, others decided that they were going to go for an extra master’s degree. But me? I had no idea.

The question I always got asked during my studies were: “So… Japanese Studies… what can you do with that?” And I was always ready with this answer: “I can do anything and go anywhere!” And till this day I still believe that this is not a lie. But the problem was that there were too many directions you can follow and I did not know what to choose, because of the fear that my first job would determine my life forever (which of course is not true, but still, it was a scary thought at that time).

I kept my options open and my eyes fixed for interesting jobs and oportunities. But somewhere deep inside I knew that I really would regret not having lived and worked abroad. My mind was set on Japan. Obvious reasons put aside, I really love this country. My year studying abroad there was one of the best experiences of my life, and at the end of it I still felt like this country had so much more to offer. This is why I contacted friends of mine in Japan, asking whether they knew about job openings. I honestly did not think much would happen after this.

But then, before I knew it, I actually got a job offer! I immediately went for it and showed my enthusiasm. The job sounded perfect to me. It’s in Tokyo, I already know some people working there, and the position allows me to use the skills I acquired during my studies. After a lot of mailing back and forth, the contracts got signed and in one week I’m moving back to Tokyo!

During my graduation ceremony, the catchphrase seemed to be: “Your student years were the best years of your life, and now you have to get down to business.” I don’t agree.

I believe the best years are yet to come.

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