We are mid-November now and the weather is finally shifting to chillier temperatures. I love this season, as I get to experiment more with fashion and layering. However, it does take a big toll on my skin…

My commute to work takes quite a long time, which means I am also exposed to the brutal air-conditioned/heated train carts every day. My skin got very dry and started to break out. On top of that, I ran out of my trusty Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation, which I had been using for years and worked perfectly for my skin type. I quickly ran to a drugstore and bought a Revlon foundation, just because it was the first thing I could find and I knew this product was popular in the US and Europe. It’s needless to say that my skin broke out even more. That foundation had amazing coverage, but was so thick and hard to remove at night. I used this for about two to three weeks before I decided that enough was enough. My skin looked like it was going through puberty again…

That is why I decided to look more into organic makeup. I’ve heard too many times that your skin is the largest organ of your body and you need to be careful what you apply onto it. Therefore I did a little research about ingredients that were better to be avoided on the skin. The app ThinkDirty (an app that tells you how toxic a beauty product is for your skin) is all the rage now, but they do not have many Japanese products registered, so I had to look most things up myself.

Japan is the land of top-quality beauty- and skincare products. That must mean that their organic-labelled products must be amazing, right? The answer is an overwhelming YES!

I looked up many organic Japanese beauty brands and reviews before finding the courage to walk into CosmeKitchen, a chain that is specialised in selling only organic/natural products. And once I was there, I was still overwhelmed by all the brands I could choose from. After asking the store clerk for more information about the products, I ended up going for the the to/one (pronounced as tone) “dewy moist powdery foundation” (デューイ モイスト パウダリーファンデーション)

This brand to/one came out in February this year, which makes it very new. They are specialised in using all organic and natural products. To/one focusses on makeup with good coverage, but also on taking care of your skin. Their products provide moisture using the oil of Ochiai cactus that grows Morocco and the essence of blooming flowers.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It is very sleek and modern, yet very chic. Every time I use this, I feel extra luxurious.

I am completely in love with this foundation. The coverage is buildable and feels extremely soft on the skin. Even though it is a powder, it does not leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. They makeup stays put all day long, no need for touch-ups, and it prevents my skin from getting oily during the day. After using this product for about two weeks, my skin completely cleared up (I did not change anything else to my beauty regime or eating habits during this period), which clearly shows that this product does actually take care of your skin. I would definitely recommend this and I am planning on buying more from this amazing brand.

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