I never thought I would recommend going to the Sensō-ji in Asakusa (or anywhere else for that matter) by night. But here I am… recommending it. The Sensō-ji must be one of Japan’s most famous temples. It is also located near the Tokyo Skytree and the infamous “Golden Daikon”. This place is pretty much always overly crowded with tourists. But can you blame them?

This beautiful temple is located in the city center, and is surrounded by skyscrapers, which makes for a very interesting view. On the passage way leading up to the temple, small shops and stands are lined up, ready to sell you delicious treats or souvenirs. These shops are not even that expensive, despite the fact that this place is so crowded!

During the day you can take beautiful pictures with the popping red temple. However, you need to be quick because it is no option to stand still in the mass of people.

This is where the night visit comes in play. I actually stumbled upon this by accident. Dion and I went to Asakusa as an impromptu day out last weekend. We did not plan anything, we just wanted to walk around and eat good food. One thing we did “plan” was to not visit the Sensō-ji, because it always crowded and we had seen it many times before. We went for a very late lunch. After our lunch, we ordered coffee and ended up talking for hours. Without realizing it, the sun had set and it was pitch-black outside.

After lunch, we went out for a walk and stumbled (completely by accident) into the passage leading up to the temple! We were mesmerized by what we saw. Every shop and every wall of the temple was illuminated. This made the beautiful red colors of the temple shine in a way that I had never seen before. A few shops were already closed, and their shutters displayed traditional Japanese art that you would not get to see during the day. And the best part: WAAAAY less people. I could actually take pictures without anyone running in my shot. I hope you enjoy the few snaps I took last weekend.

Do you prefer visiting the Sensō-ji by night or by day? Let me know in the comments!

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