While I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Belgium to celebrate the year-end holidays with my family, I thought I’d write a little post about how I celebrated Christmas in Tokyo.

In Japan, Christmas is not really considered a holiday. It’s more like Valentine’s Day, when friends and couples get together rather than families.

Since I had to work on Christmas Day, and to get in the Christmas spirit, Dion, my danish friend Ditte and I decided to go to a “European Style” Christmas Market on Christmas Eve. We went to the Tokyo Christmas Market 2018 in Hibiya Park. This market was supposedly inspired by Germany, but it did really remind me of the one in my hometown.

The decorations were absolutely beautiful and Christmas carols were played everywhere. There were a few stands were couples could take pictures together, which kind of played into the whole Valentine-vibe of Christmas here. Nevertheless, Dion and I were able to get quite a few cute pictures together (or at least we tried). The only unfortunate thing about this market was the small variety of food. About eighty percent of the stands sold sausages and fries, and the other twenty percent sold waffles and cakes. They did sell glühwein at almost every stand, and that did not disappoint! We ended up buying a few cheesecakes, which we ate under a heated tent near the huge golden “Christmas Tower” that was in the middle of the market.

To sum the whole experience up, I had a great Christmas together with my friends and boyfriend and we were able to do some more traditional things that reminded us of our home country.

Now, I cannot wait to be in Belgium and see my friends and family again, to celebrate the end of the year while stuffing ourselves with amazing food (aka. a whole lot of cheese and wine).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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