One of my favorite things to do, is roam around the streets of Tokyo and find cute cafe’s or restaurants. The amazing places you can find in this city are endless, but you need to pay close attention.

For dining out, I find my inspiration pretty much anywhere. Even if it is just by wandering around. However, the internet is a great help too. During the months before I moved here, I was obsessed with watching YouTube video’s of people’s trips here, or video’s of people vlogging their daily lives in Japan. One video I absolutely adored was Jenny Mustard’s video on vegan finds in Tokyo. I made a point to myself that I would try out these places as well. The first place on this list that I wanted to try out was Brown Rice by Neals’yard Remedies. This is a fully vegetarian cafe that also offers a great lunch and early dinner options. 

The entrance of this place is absolutely adorable. You are welcomed by a few signs that explain the kind of food you can expect, and then you have to walk through a cute little aisle surrounded by all sorts of plants to get to the cafe. When it gets dark, they even have fairy lights to illuminate the pathway. Once you are inside, you are welcomed by a cosy yet modern interior. Their whole menu is vegetarian (from what I saw everything was vegan, but they promote themselves as vegetarian, so I’m going to go with that) and authentic Japanese cuisine. Everything they prepare is organic and natural ingredients. You can expect a lot of brown rice, tofu, fermented foods and vegetables. They will serve you the dish in a traditional Japanese way, which basically means that you get a lot of small bowls and dishes that perfectly compliment each other. I had the menu of the day, which consisted of two plates of fermented vegetables like radishes, plain tofu, brown rice topped with seaweed, miso soup and an original mushroom tofu dish in a thick and sweet sauce.

I would 100% recommend this place, whether you are looking for a delicious, filling and healthy meal, or if you are just looking for a place with a stylish interior to enjoy a good cup of cappuccino.

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