You only have one day in the city of Osaka and you don’t know what to do or where to start? Let me tell you about my perfect day in Osaka from a few weeks ago.

I arrived by night bus at around 7AM on a Saturday morning. This was still too early for any cafe’s to be open for breakfast. So I first went to my friends apartment with whom I was staying to drop off my stuff. After freshening up a little bit and having some delicious homemade breakfast, we left for the big city.

We took the train to an area called Minamisenba. Here we had breakfast-desert-postlunch-whatever you want to call it at the Glorious Cafe. This cafe was designed with a kind of industrial look. The wooden floors and tables made the whole place look extremely warm and welcoming. As my friend and I considered this weekend to be a vacation, we let our super healthy habits behind us and blatantly ordered pancakes with ice cream. Accompanied by a delicious almond milk latte, the cream cheese blueberry pancakes were delightful. The pancakes were fluffy and the cream cheese nicely accentuated the sweetness.

After we devoured the pancakes we walked straight to Shinsaibashi (in a sad attempt to burn off the calories). This is one of the longest (covered) shopping streets in the world. Here I definitely enjoyed the window shopping, as there were many designer stores and cute little shops with random merchandise. However, if you look close enough, you can notice that this huge touristy street has some picturesque side streets. These are usually nice spots to take pictures without anyone passing by.

We ended up in the world famous Dotombori area. Here I could not resist getting a picture with the Glico man. As every other person with imitating the cartoon man’s pose, I just smiled at them while Sara took my picture. While wandering down the street full of restaurants, it was actually not the food that caught my attention, but the ornaments or signs in front of every building and restaurant. These ranged from huge crabs, to big neon signs, and even some inflated-looking fish. This street has a very unique vibe and is most surely worth the experience. I did not fully ignore the food, because when I passed a small dango stand, I could not resist getting one of these rice dumplings.

By nighttime we ventured to one of Osaka’s most famous shopping malls, Namba City. This place had eight floors with all kinds shops you could imagine. The shops ranged from clothing, to homeware and even pet stores. The top of the building made for a breathtaking view as it was decorated all over with lights.

We finally ended our day in a wine bar. And not just any wine bar: an all-you-can-drink wine bar. For only 1600JPY you could try as many wines as you wanted for unlimited time. We definitely enjoyed every sip, accompanied with a variety of mouthwatering dishes.

When discovering a new city, the best memories are usually the ones you stumble upon by accident. Sara and I did not plan anything. We just went with the flow, ate anything our harts desired and chilled out as long as we needed to. Osaka is definitely a crazy big city, but that does not mean your trip needs to as crazy. When travelling, I would highly recommend to just relax and take in the moment. And if you miss something, it gives you an excuse to go back one day.


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