In August, me and Sara ventured on whim to Seoul. We were stressed and had enough of our busy day-to-day lives here, so we had a late night call, booked our flights (during that same phone call) and the next week we were in our beautiful apartment in Seoul for the three days. We had both been to this city before, so we weren’t too anxious to see it all. It had been a while since I had such a let loose – don’t think about anything – sleep in until noon – taste all the delicacies – drink beer on the river side at midnight with a live band in the background – kind of vacation.

To celebrate the end of summer (which in Japan basically means that instead of it being 38 degrees every day it’s only 32 – chilly, I know), I will share a few photos from this trip where I switched off like it was nobody’s business.


      1. Oh dear, that sounds a little like when I went to Taipei in the summer. There just seemed to be a lot of ground to cover if you wanted to do any sort of exploring…


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