I used to play the Professor Layton games like crazy when I was younger. Ah, where are the days that my Nintendo DS used to be an extension of me. I had not touched – or even thought about my DS for at least five years. Dion has tried and failed many times to get me back into gaming. It just did not interest me anymore. I preferred spending my time watching movies, reading or going out for dinner.

However (!), we have come to a turning point. Last Friday, I was not feeling too well. I must have caught a bug or something. Anyway, I stayed home feeling sorry for myself, and then my wonderful boyfriend arrived with a late birthday gift: a Nintendo 2DS and all the Professor Layton games, as he knew I used to love them.

It’s safe to say that I have been obsessed ever since. My DS goes everywhere with me and instead of scrolling on Instagram when I am commuting to work, you can find me solving mysteries in a Curious Village. In the evenings it has even become my new way of relaxing after work, with a glass of Kombucha by my side.

On top of that, I also see it as a practical way to brush up my Japanese. Even by living in Japan, if you do not use certain phrases or words every day, you tend to forget a lot. The Professor Layton games were already pretty tough in English, let alone in Japanese!

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