It’s absolute madness what a simple haircut can do to ones confidence and overall happiness.

At this point, people are no longer surprised at my sudden hair changes. I’ve never done anything crazy. And in complete honesty, it’s just pure laziness. I cut my hair short, let it grow for more than a year, go to the hairdresser and chop it all off again. With this specific “method” I’ve been able to donate my hair to Think Pink twice already. I’m just really lazy with my hair. It’s wavy and crazy some times, and other times so flat people think I got a straight perm. Recently, I have been told that I would look great with a bob. I’ve been iffy about it because I had my hair cut a bob-ish style two times already in Japan, and I’ve never been 100% happy. I just blamed it on the fact that my curly-all-over-the-place hair was too different from asian hair. But then again, I’ve seen Japanese hairdressers work wonders before on my expat friends’ hair, so I knew I couldn’t give up the search for a suitable salon.

The other day, a coworker and friend recommended me the website minimo. Basically hairdressers put coupons on there for their services. Sometimes you can even get a haircut for free. To me, it felt like some kind of Tinder to find a hairdresser instead of a date. You can check out each hairdresser’s profile and experience, where they work and what they’re specialized in. I am not ashamed to say that I wasted many hours on this app. Many, many hours. I finally found a hairdresser to my liking not too far from work. I would recommend this website to anyone, because let’s face it: haircuts are f***ing expensive, especially in central Tokyo. And through this app, you can pinpoint which hairdressers are specialized in what you want and need.

I feel amazing. It feels so much more like me. I love to identify myself as a long-hair gal, but this fits my personality so much better. It’s insane to think how a simple change to your looks can boost your confidence like it’s nobody’s business. It’s incredibly easy to style and takes no time to dry. Perfect for my hair-laziness.

Now we just need to wait and see if I will keep this hairstyle for a while or only get my hair chopped again after 2 years.

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