Japan is truly blessed with its holidays. About once every month, a weekend is prolonged due to a national holiday, whether that be Mountain Day, Sports Day, Vernal Equinox Day or the Emperor’s Birthday. This time, our weekend turned into a 3 day holiday due to the latter. Most of the time, this is when the Japanese plan trips, and the train stations would be flooded with the Japanese being a tourist in their own country. I initially planned to travel as well, however, my mind and body clearly needed some rest, so I decided to stay at home. A form of staycation, if you will. I reveled in creating some me time, as well as enjoying being together with Dion. Living together does not necessarily mean you make time to be together (this could be a whole different blogpost topic), and even on Valentine’s Day we did not have the time to celebrate. So on this literal staycation, we focussed on ourselves as well as our relationship, and took long walks, made road trips in our area, during which we talked for hours on end. We ventured to Ibaraki Nature Museum with the car, as we are suckers for these natural history museums (and dinosaurs). I enjoyed the museum, even though it was quite oriented towards a younger age group. The location was absolutely lovely as well, and it was a shame we couldn’t see the park around the museum (because we arrived too late). During my me-time moments, I focussed on reading, cooking and catching up on podcasts and series. I got swallowed into the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which I began reading mostly due to the hype surrounding it. I am liking it more than I expected to, but I am almost halfway through, so let’s see what I make of it in the end.

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