I hope you are all well and healthy. Every single day is an adjustment and most of us are still trying to figure out our way through the madness. I have taken the time to focus on what I want and love doing. I read a lot, cooked a bunch of new recipes, and started working on new skills. One skill I’ve been meaning to invest some time in for a while was video editing. As someone who watches a lot of YouTube, I am often mesmerized by certain editing techniques and aesthetics, and it’s something I really wanted to learn too. But… have you ever opened Adobe Premiere? If you have, you will probably remember how bloody intimidating it looks the first time! Where do you even start? Which button does what? This looks cool, but it was by accident… how do I recreate it? – were only a few of the questions that raced my mind when I laid eyes on the Premiere screen.

At work, my team has changed focus to be a lot more online media based. Consequently, this got me dabbling with video editing for the first time in my life. My lovely colleague, who was already a pro at everything Adobe Suite, took the time to teach me certain basics, as my main role in this process was to trim videos (mainly cut out the unnecessary parts), transcribe the text and add subtitles in both English and Japanese. I was so grateful for being able to learn the basics, and early on I felt an itch to try more. So I gave it a go, and recorded my very first sit-down-product-review-video for IGTV.

Talking to a camera is in itself a weird process. I am already used to doing Instagram stories where I talk about the most random things in life (mostly about what I cook), with a filter and time limit involved. But this time, I spoke to a camera for an unlimited amount of time, about something I was not used to talk about. I made the mistake of completely winging it and did not prepare a script whatsoever. I filmed my review on my new to/one skincare purchases, and realized that it was 40 minutes long. When I uploaded this to Premiere and rewatched it, I cringed at how often I repeated myself, how many times I was rearranging my hair and at the sheer amount of times I said the horrendous “erm”. It was heaven to practice my editing on, though. The amount I needed to cut and drag videos, and still have it make sense was an insane challenge. I worked long and hard on it, wanting it to be perfect, but I refused to show it to anyone before making it live. Out of pride? I don’t know. I think I wanted to prove to myself I could something that was semi-quality.

I ended up being really happy with the result, but then I had to pass the hurdle of actually uploading the end product to Instagram. I was so afraid of the backlash, of people thinking it was terrible or laughable. But I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful reactions I received from my friends and followers. Their comments were so nice and it showed me that I was allowed to be proud of this, instead of ashamed of “putting myself out there”. And I SHOULD be proud. Even though this video is just the very beginning of this journey, I am happy I took the first step to do it.

Here it is. I will be writing a separate written review about the products with pictures shortly.

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Welcome to my very first IGTV. As explain quite elaborately in the video, I’ve been dabbling a bit with video editing at work and I really enjoy it. In order to get better, I want to practice and make video’s myself. So this is my very first little attempt at making my own video’s. Here I talk about a few skincare products that I’ve tested out by @toonecosmetics . The Japanese beauty industry is huge and forever booming, but alas their natural skincare brands are rarely talked about. So I thought I’d share some of the ones that sparked my interest on here. Please feel free to share any product recommendations or even editing tips. All is welcome! I hope you like it! Dewy moisture powder foundation https://toonecosmetics.com/Form/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?shop=0&pid=4589784673465&vid=&bid=TO01&cat=TBDTOO503104&swrd= Booster Serum https://toonecosmetics.com/Form/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?shop=0&pid=4589784673212&vid=&bid=TO01&cat=TBDTOO504105&swrd= Moisture Milk https://toonecosmetics.com/Form/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?shop=0&pid=4589784673236&vid=&bid=TO01&cat=TBDTOO504104&swrd= CC Cream https://toonecosmetics.com/Form/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?shop=0&pid=4589784673427&vid=&bid=TO01&cat=TBDTOO503101&swrd= #stayhome #editing #toone #naturalskincare #japaneseskincare #japanesemakeup #skincare #organicbeauty #neutrals #minimal #tokyo #japan #skincareroutine #neutralshades

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Thank you to everybody who took the time to write me a charming message or comment. It has encouraged and inspired me to keep going and focus on my content.

Talk to you soon. x

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