I want to try something new. I take a LOT of pictures with my phone, and even though they may not be as high quality as photos taken on my Canon, they do give a better depiction of my every day life. On a weekly basis (I will do my very best) I want to start sharing little bits and bobs of my life on here. Especially during this pandemic, when I am mostly home than anywhere else, I find it difficult to be inspired or be creative. Lockdown was never anything extremely strict in Japan, so technically I was allowed to go outside if I really wanted to do so. But my conscience got the better of me (righteously so) and I stayed home as much as I could. In the passed three weeks, I ventured outside and took the train only 4 times. It felt so good just to be OUT. A change of scenery and meeting a few friends is just what I needed, and I was set on going to the office once or twice a week from now on. But alas, the infection numbers are going up again in the capital, and so my endeavors to the world of the living will have to be put on hold once again. Anyway, this has been very long intro for this meant to be simple post. Here is a little glimpse of what my days were like at home, on walks and the very few times I went a little further.

A very empty Omotesando.


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