When thinking of Japan, most people automatically conger up the image of pink cherry blossoms. Now, I will disappoint you all by stating that spring is not my most favorite season in Japan, but fall. Japanese fall is like fall anywhere else in the world, but on steroids. The colors are brighter, the temperature is more pleasant and nature is present in such abundance that you cannot miss it, even in a concrete city like Tokyo. I’m typing this post as I am lying in bed under a huge duvet with a cold, resting so I can go outside again soon and enjoy this gorgeous crisp weather. As a Belgian, who is well spoken in the art of complaining about the weather, fall in Japan is a time I rarely utter one word of negativity surrounding mother nature. When I was a student here almost four years ago, I went on a hike by myself at Mount Takao, and I’m really hoping to do something similar again this year. Maybe I’ll go to Nikko or Hakone… Haven’t quite decided yet, but I should plan it soon as the leaves have already started falling. But first things first: I need to get over this cold before I go anywhere.

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